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Hi. Since you’re probably here, you probably have something to do with the world of music. No matter how dense or deep. Maybe you bought your first guitar yesterday and want to share the joy with everyone. Or maybe you recorded an album and now you don’t know how to promote it. Everyone has an interesting and rewarding experience, so I thought I’d give everyone the opportunity to share their story on this site and become a full-fledged author.

Share a useful experience

Promoting your music or band. Interesting incidents at a concert, funny situations at a rehearsal. Just the joy of buying a musical instrument – there is a reader for every story.

You can give advice to beginners, talk about your band or solo project, do reviews of guitars or basses. Basically, there are no strict requirements. Your story just has to be about music, not to insult or offend anyone. It is very desirable that it should be interesting, useful. And no, it doesn’t have to be your personal experience, it can be your personal opinion. Were you outraged by the latest Slipknot album, or pleased by the new Red Hot Chili Peppers music video? Tell us about it!

The text must be unique. Do not send in stories that have already been published elsewhere. Originality of the text is carefully checked! Dofollow links not allowed, sorry.

Promote your own rock band

This can be especially helpful for those who are trying to spread the word about themselves, to promote a budding rock band. You can easily email me links to your social networks, website, streaming platforms, photos and promotional materials. I’ll put them in your article before I publish it. The site has several thousand monthly readers, maybe your audience is among them. After all, they are musicians and only musicians!

Your texts will be sent for moderation. They may be corrected grammatical and punctuation errors without distortion of meaning. By submitting the text for moderation you agree to the privacy policy of the site. You confirm that you agree to the publication of your article and will have no further claims against the website.

How to publish your article

It’s simple – send me links, pictures and any additional material by e-mail. After checking and editing, your story will be published in the appropriate section or miscellaneous category.

Good luck in your creative endeavors, everyone!

From now on, it’s not my site – it’s our site!

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