Best bassists of all time

This list is rather subjective. It is by no means exhaustive or complete. On the contrary, it will be added to all the time. Musicians cannot be better or worse than each other, it’s not a sport … they are just ALL DIFFERENT. And that’s what’s great! My point is that all the people on the list are not arranged in order of importance, but simply in the order I remembered them.

If your favorite bass player isn’t on the list of the top bass players of all time, then feel free to write about it in the comments or in contacts and I will add the undeservedly forgotten one to the list, and maybe a new article will appear on the site thanks to you. Thanks in advance!

  1. Jaco Pastorius
  2. John Entwistle
  3. Pino Paladino
  4. Paul McCartney
  5. Anthony Jackson
  6. Gary Willis
  7. John Myung
  8. Stanley Clarke
  9. Victor Wooten
  10. Geddy Lee
  11. Tony Levine
  12. Flea
  13. Justin Chancellor
  14. Tim Commerford
  15. Fieldy
  16. Cliff Burton
  17. Robert Trujillo
  18. Anton Davidyants
  19. Dmitriy Maksimov
  20. Wojtek Piliczowski
  21. Marcus Miller
  22. Larry Graham
  23. John Paul Jones
  24. Billy Sheehan
  25. Jamie Lewis
  26. Kevin Keith
  27. Michael Manring
  28. James Jemerson
  29. Les Claypool
  30. Joe Dart
  31. Nathan East
  32. Adrian Ferro
  33. Federico Malaman
  34. Jonathan Maron
  35. Scully Sverinson
  36. Doug Wimbish
  37. Mickey Santamaria
  38. Cody Wright
  39. Larry Williams
  40. Dmitri Lisenko
  41. Ilya John Lappin
  42. Sharai Reed
  43. Bobby Vega
  44. Rich Brown
  45. Lewis Johnson
  46. Ryan Martini
  47. Adam “Nolly” Getgood
  48. Jacob Umansky
  49. Roger Glover
  50. John Deacon
  51. Stuart Zender
  52. Steve Bailey
  53. Alain Caron
  54. Jeff Berlin
  55. John Patitucci
  56. Victor Bailey
  57. Tal Wilkenfeld
  58. Stu Hamm
  59. Richard Bona
  60. Bromberg Brian
  61. Jimmy Haslip
  62. Mohini Dei
  63. Carol Kaye
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