wojtek pilichowski bass player

Wojtek Pilichowski

Today I would like to tell you about an outstanding musician, who unfortunately is not widely known outside of bass community. Meet Wojtek Pilichowski.

From Poland with love

Wojtek Pilichowski. Polish musician and bassist, virtuoso, composer, producer and slap machine.

wojtek pilichowski polish bassist

Born in Warsaw in 1969. Collaborated with such musicians as Chris de Burgh, David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani and many others. In-demand jazz and fusion session bassist, Mayones endorser. As a session musician he has recorded over 200 albums. Also a member of the supergroup Woobie Doobie, but these days mostly very successfully engaged in his own project Pilichowski Band. All bassists are recommended for listening.

Slap and Beyond…

Wojtek is that rare case, when a musician’s work is almost entirely based on one technique – slap. I mean, there are a lot of such musicians, but it’s rare that they are able to make their music without being cheesy and varied. Personally I can remember only Marcus Miller.

Indeed, as we all know, slap is a spice for a bassist, but not the main dish. It’s easy to overdo it. Wojtek is that rare kind of “chef” who managed to distribute the seasoning so harmoniously over the area that it became the main dish.

Also, of course, it is worth mentioning that Wojtek Pilichowski has been cooperating with Mayones almost from the very foundation of the company, he is their endorser. He has his own signature Mayones model – Custom Pi electric bass.

Pilichowski with mayones basses

Another Polish bass guitar manufacturer (and besides that talented musician Adrian Maruzschyk) also produced a bass designed together with Wojtek – Maruszczyk Wojtek Pilichowski Signature Pi Bass.

It is impossible not to mention that Wojtek Pilichowski and Adrian Maruzschyk are quite a fruitful creative duo. Just check out that video below!

Wojtek Pilichowsky (video)

Of the equipment manufacturers were seen using Aguilar amplification.

Wojtek Pilichowski is a talented musician who is open to experimentation and doesn’t stop developing. He is a real worker, who in addition to his creative work regularly participates in NAMM and gives master classes all over the world. Recently he has been actively developing his YouTube channel.

So, dear fellow musicians and just interested, I hope I’ve added one more name to your piggy bank and learned a little bit more.

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