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Mayones bass guitars

For me and for many others, these guys from Poland are associated with an incredibly high standard of quality and design of bass guitars. And at the same time, the Mayones bass guitar is a product of technical progress and fidelity to tradition.

“Our instruments are born where the music is born – in the heart.”

mayones basses crafting process

Indeed, if you look at the world of custom shop bass guitars, Mayones is definitely one of the top 5 manufacturers, and in my subjective taste it tops the list. The secret of success is basically quite simple:

  • The best wood that exists on planet Earth. Only selected raw materials are used for Mayones bass guitars.
  • Craftsmen of unrealistically high qualification, who love their job (which is not unimportant).
  • Collaboration with the leading manufacturers of electronics, such as Aguilar, Darkglass.
  • Huge possibilities for customization (creation of dream instrument). There is a steep Designer on the site, where you can stick for a long time.

GREAT design. BEAUTIFUL design. COSMIC design of these bass guitars will not leave anyone indifferent. I’ve often heard the catchphrase about the successful combination of classic and modern, but Mayones is one of the few who could actually make it come true. You can check out the official website for details. Any bass from any lineup will look great in any jazz conservatory or Djent set up. I’ll just leave this gallery here.

A bit of history

The first Mayones basses (and to be fair a guitar) saw the light not in some pretentious states but in little Poland, in the city of Gdansk, where they are produced up to this day. The Mayones company was established in 1982 by a man with a spelling name Zenon Dzievulski, and still is a small family workshop. But this doesn’t prevent the company to have a world famous name and jam-packed pavilions at NAMM.

Already in 1984, the company released its first catalog.

mayones company first catalogue

In 1995 the company participates at the exhibition “Intermedia” and receives an award for the bass guitar Mayones BE5 bass.

Mayones company owner

Since the nineties the company annually participates in a wide variety of shows, works with artists, endorsers, develops concepts for new unique bass guitars, and creates a name for itself.

And in 2017 it celebrated its 35th anniversary. Gathering a bunch of guests from all over the planet. Over the years, the company has come a long way in its evolutionary development. In this crazy age, maintaining the ability to create quality, handmade bass guitars and still be a successful company in terms of business.

bass frets installation process

Mayones Bass Guitars Today

Among the famous and much loved musicians we know and love, guys like Federico Malaman, Adrian Fero, Mohini Dei, Anton Davidiants, Wojtek Pilicowski, Nathan East, Or Lubianker and many more have preferred Mayones.

Of course, the fact that production does not scale up to a huge factory and allows you to maintain a high level of quality, because as you know, nothing is so bad for quality as the conveyor. However it directly affects the other, dark side of Mayones – the price… Yes… it is easy even to guess from looking at the pictures that such a bass will cost quite a lot… Even despite of quite wide model lineup there is no place for budget instruments in it. Budget custom shop is utopia. These instruments are for those who understand why they need it, as a rule for professional musicians who earn their living in this craft. Or just for wealthy amateurs.

Mayones Jabba bass video review

In any case, the “cheapest” Mayones bass guitar on eBay at the time of writing was $2,400, it’s a 4-string Jabba Classic (a variation on Mayones’ Fender jazz bass theme). So personally, I’m only dreaming about the Mayones so far…

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