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morphine band

Mark Sandman

It’s time to talk about Mark Sandman, an exceptionally talented bassist and leader of Morphine. He invented a unique style and called it “low rock.” The perfect combination of a homemade bass guitar with two strings, a baritone saxophone, and drums made his music sound charming. In addition, he used the slide technique, which is…


Cliff Burton

One event can change your whole life. One person can change the history of a country. That’s how one musician brought fame to his band, opened up new possibilities for the bass guitar, and performed Bach’s minuet in the heavy metal style. Cliff Burton was a member of Metallica for only 3 years, but during…

Jaco Pastorius Short Bio

Jaco Pastorius Short Bio

Jaco Pastorius is perhaps one of the most world-famous and recognizable bass players ever. Although many people get to know the bass guitar through rock music and initially go crazy about Robert Trujillo or Flea, there comes a point when you realize you want to learn more. Then you find jazz and fusion and start…

Paz Lenchantin bass player of Pixies and A Perfect Circle

Paz Lenchantin

I confessed my love for the Pixies a long time ago when writing about their bassist, Kim Deal. At that moment, I unfairly didn’t mention the reunion of the truly cult band, which took place in 2014, and their new bass player, Paz Lenchantin. Next year marks 10 years since she became the band’s full…

flea red hot chilli peppers bassist


I don’t know how my dear followers came to the bass guitar. But for me, it all started with Flea… When listening to RHCP as a child, I suddenly focused on the bass guitar (or Flea focused me on it). Then I started looking for the basslines in any music I listened to. The sound…

bass guitar and microphone

Singing bass guitarists

Hi all! Every bass player who’s ever looked for a band has faced the question, “What’s up with the backing vocals?” It’s already kind of a default option built into every bass player. Whether he likes it or not… Everybody needs singing bassists nowadays. And meanwhile among bassists there are quite a few of those…

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Darkglass. Iphone in the world of bass pedals

Any bass player who is not a stranger to the world of heavy music, or session musician, sooner or later faces the desire to add some “warm evil” to your sound. Although, in principle, in any genre sometimes a little overdrive or distortion effect would not hurt. All the poison and all the cure –…

photo of bass guitar picks

Does a bass player need a bass guitar pick, or not?

It’s a funny and, in my opinion, quite unambiguous topic. But every now and then a war erupts somewhere in a semi-abandoned forum or in the comments of social networks. In a nutshell, the answer is, of course you need one. The more tools you have in your arsenal, the broader your horizons, and the…

fret wraps for bass guitar

Fretwraps for bass guitar

I guess, since you found this page, you’re already wondering, “What the hell are they wrapping around the fingerboard?” You’ve probably seen the Gruv Gear commercials and their fretwraps, or maybe you’ve noticed that Victor Wooten sometimes puts a hair band around the fingerboard. Today, let’s clear up the subject of string plugs a bit….

motown records studio

Short history of Motown Records studio

It all started in Detroit, a city in Michigan in the northern US. Before the 1973 oil crisis, it was the country’s largest auto-industrial region, home to such companies as General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. One of the first megalopolises with a network of motorways, a vibrant industry and an entertainment industry, including a touring…

3 Inexpensive bass combos you should to check out!

3 Inexpensive bass combos you should to check out!

Hey, there! Today I would like to briefly tell you about three cheap bass guitar combos. Few people have heard about them, and if they have heard something, they probably looked skeptically at a not high-end brand. And in vain, because these are quality and most importantly inexpensive bass combos that are great for home…

bass tuners of music man close up

How to properly tune a bass guitar

Today I would like to talk about such super important thing, as bass guitar tuning. You need to tune your bass guitar properly and check your tuning every time you sit down to practice. Because that way you will develop your hearing in the right direction. Pretty quickly it will just become a habit, especially…