fret wraps for bass guitar

Fretwraps for bass guitar

I guess, since you found this page, you’re already wondering, “What the hell are they wrapping around the fingerboard?” You’ve probably seen the Gruv Gear commercials and their fretwraps, or maybe you’ve noticed that Victor Wooten sometimes puts a hair band around the fingerboard. Today, let’s clear up the subject of string plugs a bit.

victor wooten using fretwrap

Why do you need a fretwrap?

We will not go into depth of physics and laws of sound propagation in which we do not understand. Simply speaking – the thicker the strings are, the easier it is to extract flageolets on them. And consequently, bassists especially have a lot of background sounds and overtones. Although guitarists have thicker and thicker strings every year, so this also applies to them.

A fretwrap just keeps the string from doing all those micro oscillations and extracting unnecessary background sound.

It’s essentially a strip of soft material + Velcro or a buckle that helps you adjust your fretwrap to the size of the fingerboard and pick up the strength of the strings. If necessary, you can slide the fretwrap toward the head of the fingerboard to play without it. And vice versa, when playing chords or tapping you can place the string plug in the area of the zero fret in a second and thus get rid of unnecessary dirt.

In my opinion, a string muffler is the first thing you should use:

  • In the recording studio. It is when recording that this insidious abundance of bass guitar sounds comes out.
  • When playing chords.
  • When playing two-handed tapping.
  • On 5-string bass and 6-string bass guitars. Because there, in principle, the problem of jamming the strings is more relevant.
fretwraps - alternative usage
Another way to achieve a vintage sound with fretwraps

Do I need it?

It’s up to you to decide, but not only Gruv Gear makes string plugs, so this gadget is not so expensive. You can buy it, try it, and decide if you need it or not. If anything, there are alternative ways to use it, it all depends on your imagination.

Gruv Gear
Fretwraps for bass guitar

Gruv Gear FretWraps (String Muters)

  • SM – Fits 4-string basses, 6-string electric and acoustic guitars, and ukeleles
  • MD – Fits 5-string basses, 7-string electric guitars & 6-string classical guitars
  • LG – Fits 6-string basses & 8-string electric guitars
  • XL – Fits 7- to 12-string basses, Chapman Sticks, double basses & other extended range guitars

There is nothing that is not sold on aliexpress. Including there you can find a fret wraps for every taste. Note that sometimes they differ in size. There are mufflers for bass or regular guitar strings, so take your time – read the reviews and descriptions.

Still, you should not forget to master your string muting skills. It is better to get used to playing as cleanly as possible.

Love brands and trust only experienced manufacturers? Gruv Gear has built an entire business around their fretwraps. They’ve been making them for over 10 years and their quality is time-tested.

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