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My top 5 bass covers

I decided to collect my favorite bass covers in one place. I should point out right away that this list is completely subjective, and by no means claims to be the absolute truth. I should also add that covers are not in order of importance, “coolness”, or whatever, but simply in the order that I remembered them. It’s not a ranking. And music is a creation, not a competition!) Enjoy watching and look forward to hearing from you in the comments!

System of a down – Spiders. [bass cover]

While everyone is doing covers on Chop Suey, Toxicity, and other popular songs, the guys from Ukraine went the other way and did a cover on a hackneyed, but no less beautiful song SOAD – Spiders. It’s not just a cover version, but in many ways it’s even a personal interpretation of the song. And in general everything is perfect here: Warwick that sounds like a piece of raw meat, rare MTD Kingston bass, industrial landscapes, and slight nostalgia for the glorious zero years…

Performers: Zlatoyar and Alex Golub. About the drummer, unfortunately, I know nothing.

Dirty Loops – Circus. [bass cover]

Next on my list is Marta Altesa from sunny Barcelona. I think there’s no need to explain that the original Henrik Linder part is really quite difficult. However, Marta performs it literally “playfully,” which can not help but win you over. Only when performed by a pro does the difficulty begin to seem simple.

Slipknot – Duality. [bass cover]

And again a little bit of heavy stuff from the not too distant, but still the past. The good old Slipknot their imperishable hit Duality interpreted by Jamie Waite better known on youtube as 7sloth. And it’s a creative reinterpretation of Paul’s part, not exactly a bass cover. If you want the original version, there’s a detailed video lesson by Paul Gray himself. (R.I.P.)

Eric Clapton/Jeff Berlin – Tears In Heaven. [bass cover]

The inquisitive reader may have already noticed that what I mean by cover/cover is not just a repetition of the original bass part, but rather bringing your own vision into the piece. And here we have again a representative of the fair sex – Kinga Głyk and her version of Eric Clapton’s song Tears in Heaven. One of the songwriters, Jeff Berlin admired the work done and wished good luck to the girl. I wrote about this wonderful bass player in an article about female bass players.

Devin Townsend – Genesis. [bass playthrough]

Performer Nathan Navarro. Yes. I’m going a little off-topic and in this case it’s not a bass cover but a playthrough, which is just a direct repetition of the part, especially of his own… But damn! Nathan Navarro did a titanic job shooting and editing this video! He was shooting it throughout the whole tour with David Townsend (he’s a prog-rocker, if you know), so I have to hand it to Nathan and include him into my personal top of youtube bass covers. And he’s a really cool bass player, too!

P.S. And if you’re not lazy, count how many cities in the video and write me in the comments. ))

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