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Top 6 Harley Benton inexpensive Guitars

To be honest, when I wrote the article about Harley Benton bass guitars, I had no clue that there was so much interest in that brand. But it turned out that the enthusiasm of beginners and experienced musicians knows no bounds! I started getting many questions like: “What about this guitar?”.

Thanks for feedback, of course, but, gosh, guys… I’m a bass player… I just play the guitar a little… And I have no opportunity to play the entire line of Harley Benton guitars. But I wanted to help, so I turned my analytical skills and skeptic mode to maximum and looked through almost all(!)  Harley Benton guitars in the Thomann store to choose the top-end ones.

Instruments evaluated me by the following criteria:

  • Rating and Reviews. Reviews on Thomann are a critical part of this store. They are honest, and some are so detailed that they are actually reviews of the instrument.Sales.
  • The customer always votes for the product with a coin. Here, there is of course a coincidence with the first point: the rated goods, they are the best sellers.
  • Budget. Damn money that you must count all the time. Harley Benton mostly makes budget guitars, but lately it’s also been trying (and successfully) to get into the mid-price segment.
inexpensive harley benton guitars from 83 euros

The best-selling and most popular cheap Harley Benton electric guitars

The result was a selection of the top 30 Harley Benton guitars that had the most positive reviews. I put together two selections – one, let’s call Harley Benton sales hits, and in the other I put together budget guitars for those who like heavier guitars. Here they are, actually.

Quite predictable: the ranking of the best and best-selling Harley Benton electric guitars includes guitars from the series:

  • Harley Benton SC. The replica of the legendary Gibson Les Paul guitar is good indeed.
  • Harley Benton CST. Very nice guitars with an excellent price to performance ratio.
  • Harley Benton ST-20. The guitar costs 6000 rubles, which automatically puts it in the rating. If you need a guitar for stock or just to try it out, this is a great option.
  • Harley Benton Fusion. A brilliant series of versatile modern instruments for a decent price.
  • Harley Benton Amarok. This is the trump ace from Harley Benton. Yes, the guitar is already a bit out of the budget, but all customers just fall in love with it. There’s a seven-string option.
  • Harley Benton Dullahan. For those who dream of a headless guitar).

From the reviews of inexpensive Harley Benton guitars, you could compose a separate book. Make sure you study them. If you briefly recount the entire essence of Harley Benton guitars reviews, you’ll get something like:

The guitar is excellent and obviously worth its money. Even the most budget guitars are serviceable, the musicians can and should play them. Nobody mentions problems with electronics, but some people have questions about the hardware. Sometimes, a guitar needs to be tuned by a master after purchase. But we’re talking about the most budget guitars. Understand: you’re buying an instrument for the price of Fender guitar picks!

Thanks to their own production, Thomann succeeded in building more affordable guitars.

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