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Harley Benton Marquess – what’s inside

Therefore, the guys from Harley Benton, loved by many people, finally updated the line of bass guitars and introduced the new Harley Benton Marquess bass, which is available in 4-string and 5-string versions in the fall of 2021.

I don’t know if the great Colombian writer inspired the designer, but this bass guitar looks very unusual. Although it sounds quite universal, it is more likely to appeal to those who like to turn on distortion and play something heavier.

And yes, as always, this is an entry level budget bass. And no, it’s not a cheap Chinese thing that will drink your blood. Just a good quality bass guitar for the aspiring bassist. A spare instrument for the house, for example. Or, if a guitarist wants to get finally in touch with our beautiful and mysterious world, he might as well start with a Harley Benton).

The new Marquess line of bass guitars exactly gives the feel, sound and look that true kings and queens of the bass guitar need. Whether it’s rumbling rock, subtle jazz, or clanking metal, no matter what you’re playing, this bass will set you apart from the crowd with its unusual and incredibly comfortable body shape. The seared maple top looks in the best tradition of handcrafted guitars, and the quality active preamp makes this bass absolutely versatile. The bass is available in three luxurious colors.

Harley Benton Marquess video review

The guys from the Thomann store (they own the Harley Benton brand) have once again managed to combine the seemingly incompatible. The bass costs a little over 20,000 rubles, but it looks and sounds times better. Harley Benton’s basses have always been the best of the cheapest, but this time, as far as I understand, they have reached a new level. The customers have already watched the first pleasantly surprising reviews in the store.

Features of Harley Benton Marquess bass guitar

Now a little about the objective component.

The Harley Benton Marquess makes the bass guitar soundboard of a mysterious Sungkai wood. I had a hard time finding information about it. Generally, it is some kind of wood, common in Indonesia, which is close to teak or rosewood, but much cheaper. It is a heavy and dense wood.

  • Everything is easier with the fingerboard – it consists of five pieces of Canadian maple. It is bolted on. Amaranth lining.
  • The scale is 35 inches and 24 fret. The fifth string sounds great.
  • Active electronics. Volume, tone. One bass boost/cut knob, the second treble boost/cut.
  • Sound pickups on the four-string configuration P/J, and on the five-string bass guitar two nfgf soap bar sound pickups. Naturally, the sounds are in-house made, not Seymour Duncan.
  • Chrome fittings. String space 18mm.

Frankly speaking, this time, Harley Benton has stuffed quite a lot into 250-300 euros in general. What else can you want for this money? Many people should buy this slightly strange, but no less interesting instrument because it’s worth to be looked at seriously.

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