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Anton Davidyants

Anton Davidyants was born in Moscow on September 14, 1984. He is a top-notch bassist and a world-class professional. During more than 20 years of his career as a bass player, he has played with many great jazz and fusion musicians.

Besides, he actively works as a session musician with pop artists, he later spends his earnings in the furious fusion tours all over Russia. At the moment among Russian musicians, perhaps, only Anton Davidyants has an opportunity and desire to bring to Russia commercially speaking, not really demanded in our country stars of the world jazz and fusion scene such as: Gergo Borlay, Guthrie Gowan, Alex Hutchins, Mike Gottard and so on. Unfortunately it is not possible with current situation in the country.

anton davidyants

Anton comes from a musical family, and has been involved in classical music on the piano since childhood. At first, he studied music school, then the college. As he told himself many times, he didn’t get any special interest in music. Also, he constantly played by notes and didn’t develop his ear for music. Of course, his music education soon came to naught, but around the same time, Davidyants first accidentally took a bass guitar in his hands. Being fascinated by musicthe music of such bands as Nirvana and Pantera in his teenage years, Anton Davidyants made a conscious decision to develop as a bass player in 2000. His grandmother helped him to buy his first bass-guitar – it was Chinese Samick bass.

I was involved in classical music (and hated it at that time), then I, as usual, went into metal. But simultaneously, I went to school where I could only play jazz, and it was through playing that I gradually began to understand jazz and get into it and became interested in it.

He diligently studies on his own and again enters a music college, but already in the class of “Bass Guitar”. By the way, Anton Davidyants entered the only budgetary place.

Davidyants and Gergo Borlai

The musician is extremely gifted and probably plays everything possible in any technique. I have recently wrote in an article: “Is there anything Marcus Miller can’t do?” The same can be said about Anton Davidianz. He can do everything, but he has found his own sound and style. Additionally, he is a hard worker, a teacher, an intellectual and a very good person.

Anton Davidyants. Composer. Cosmopolitan. Endorser

With enormous talent plus an academic musical education, Anton Davidyants has managed to build a career as a successful musician of international renown. Not everyone can boast of knowing and working with so many mastodons of the fusion scene. Gary Willis, Veronica Stadler, Alex Hutchinson, and Gergo Borlai… the list goes on and on. A musician with such a capacity for work and creativity is hard to find. Anton is very fond of experimenting. It is not every day you can see a duet of bass guitar and vocalist (I mean Veronica Stadler) or, say, violin, don’t you agree! He is involved as a bass player and organizer in many musical projects worldwide from the USA to Shanghai.

Anton Davidyants is a cosmopolitan and has repeatedly said that he cannot stay in one place for more than two weeks. This is due to both, the peculiarities of creativity and the nature of the musician. Nevertheless, in 2018-2020, he spent considerable time in Shanghai, PRC.

The musician is not fixated on one instrument and at different times has played all possible bass guitars, including, premium class such as Fodera, Ken Smith, Mayones. For a long time cooperated (unofficially) with the German workshop, Le Fay.

Since 2018, Anton Davidyants is officially an endorser of Mayones, and I think he is the only Russian musician who has his own signature model of bass guitar from this company.

Anton Davidyants – educator

Talking about Davydyants the musician, it is impossible not to mention his enlightening work, the importance of which is difficult to overestimate.

Having earned a reputation as a world-class musician through colossal work, Anton Davidyants could have easily gone to any country today and been in maximum demand there, both creatively and commercially. However, here begins a strange behavior beyond logic and common sense. . . Anton Davidyants brings world stars of the fusion scene to Russia at his own expense. He does not just bring them to Moscow with one concert, but actually makes tours around the country, including to cities where none of these artists go at all. Today, jazz and fusion hardly ever fill the halls in big cities. To answer the question of why go to cities where you know there will be no box office success?

There are people there, too, who are interested in it. They are few, but they also want our music.

As far as I know, the only tour that paid off was with Guthrie Gowan.

Nowadays, this position is expensive and can only be explained by a certain inner duty of an intellectual and an intellectual.

It’s sad to realize, but good music at the moment is not in demand in Russia, and it seems too complicated. . . Everybody wants only to have fun and entertainment, and if music should be “listened” to, then it is too much. . . Not so long ago, to collect some people for the concerts within the tour with Alex Hutchins, the musician addressed to his subscribers with the request to attract attention to the tour. Sadly, he’s the only one in the field.

The only way for us to support Anton in his mission is to subscribe and distribute his music. Anton’s social media:

Anton speaks optimistically in interviews in general, but when it comes to his attempts to popularize music in Russia, he sadly notes that today’s chances are slim.

Unfortunately, what I do is 0,0001% of how much we need to raise the level of culture. As long as there is this dominance of gloom on radio and television nothing will change. . . Anton Davidyants. Interview for the Station Marx channel.


Anton Davidyants is undoubtedly one of the few Russian musicians of world class. A bit of interesting:

  • Calls his favorite bassist Adrian Ferraud.
  • As far as I know, he’s the only Russian endorser of Mayones.
  • He thinks that rehearsals are unnecessary. I mean, that it’s not appropriate to do it on a professional level. It’s a waste of my colleagues’ time to finish learning what should have already been worked on.
  • He believes that only true fanatics can make music in Russia.
  • Composer Alexander Rosenblat wrote “Concerto for Bass” especially for Anton Davidyants, and I think this is the first time in Russia when such work is written for the bass solo. It was recorded together with the Omsk Philharmonic Orchestra.
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